Black on Black

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Nothing makes me more nervous than preparing myself for a photo shoot.
As usual, I stayed up til 1 am the night before because I was not sure which 
outfit I should pick among 5 other sets. Frustration in the middle of the night. 


The darkest shade in the book.
 An all black outfit will not appear boring unless with a little effort of styling.
 A combination of different materials or multiple shades of black can easily change
an all-black outfit from boring to striking. If you are feeling lazy or having a
busy day with 10 errands to run, accessorizing your all-black outfit will do the trick.

Eventhoughthese platforms are such a lovely pair of 

babies (yes they are my babies shhh), I had an indescribably hard time balancing 
on the steep and rocky mountain. I was simply struggling between 'Oh I have to 
pose properly for the picture' and 'Oh gosh I do not want to twist my ankle'. 
I blame the shoes. Nah, I blame myself. 

watch sponsored by Klaus Kobec

These shots were taken by Nicole of @jesuistigerlily on Instagram. 
I personally think that she's an amazing person to work with and 
her enthusiasm during the entire shoot makes me feel comfortable.
Feeling comfortable and having a connection with your photographer 
is the key to produce beautiful images. 

If you are looking for a photographer to shoot for your personal 

portfolio or your clothing store, email Nicole for bookings or inquiries. 

CONTACT |+6 012 521 0190

I would like to thank Klaus Kobec for this beautiful watch piece. Firstly, this watch
is a combination of both my favorite colours. Secondly, it goes well with any outfit. 
Thirdly, it's so perfectly designed and assembled that you will catch yourself staring
at it for at least, 30 minutes. Not even joking. 


I'm extremely happy that I no longer have to worry about being a 'socially 
acceptable' high school student and force myself to be more of a decent student. 
Maybe I am just rebellious? Whatever. High school no longer worries me 
because I. AM. DONE. Goodbye high school life. See you in... NEVER. 
Another thing that I'm happy about is my uncomfortable web silence is far 
gone. Now that I have a few months before I enroll myself in college, I am able to 
spend more time coming up with various ideas to improve my blog and at the same
time produce more exciting contents.

Thank you though, for sticking by, even after my long 'hiatus'. 
So here you go, a derpy picture of me.