Thursday, March 27, 2014

Diary In My Head #1

Hey guys! It's been a while. How are you doing? 

Apart from sharing my daily looks, whereabouts, events and such, I thought that it would be a great idea to create a new platform to share my personal thoughts on current situations, my photography, favorite songs, movies, books and etc. And so, I spontaneously came up with a title for this new platform, called 'Diary In My Head'. So cheers for Diary In My Head #1!
A friend of mine came over on Wednesday and after watching The Breakfast Club, I took some photos of her in my room. During the shoot, I kept telling myself OH JAYSUS HOW CAN SOMEONE LOOK SO SO BEAUTIFUL and I'm just sitting there with my camera feeling like an ugly duckling ): I really enjoyed taking pictures of her. She has an absolutely beautiful figure and she has a very unique jawline, which I really love about. 
I wasn't allowed to upload any photos with her face completely shown, just in case you're wondering hahah. But she's shy, so don't blame her! :3
If you're seeing this, I hope you know how beautiful you are. Stop worrying too much ♡

My music pick of the day would be 'Silence' by Lucia. There's so much emotion in this song and her effortless voice is just so beautiful. 
These pictures were taken with my new f.1/55mm portrait lens and it's my first time handling a portrait lens :3 Do let me know what you think of them! There's always room for improvements! 

Thank you for reading til the end of this post, can't wait to share more with you guys! Bye! x

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