Thursday, July 31, 2014

Touch of Plaid

☾ 4 months , ☼ 122 days,  2928 hours. 
I've not been blogging for 4 months. 
It took me a while to recover from this. I mean, was it that long? 
I can't find a specific reason why I did not update my blog for the past 4 months. All I can say is that the feeling of 'unsatisfactory' had been building and growing up in me and I just wasn't happy with whatever I came up with. I took a bunch of pictures which I planned to put them up on my blog, but at last I decided not to. That, just went on and on for the past 4 months. 
I'm not sure if you have ever experienced this in your entire life of existence, but I'm sure I did and it wasn't something I should be feeling. 'No one is perfect, but a little self-improvement won't hurt.' This sentence has been indelibly etched into my head, but I continuously failed at 'self-improvement'. Thus, 'unsatisfactory' happened so frequently that I neglected everything. I stopped working out, I stopped taking pictures, I stopped trying to improve myself because I just suddenly lost the enthusiasm to.
Day by day we curse the Universe for not giving us what we want. 'Trying to be someone else', that's what we are all trying to do. But to me 'trying to be someone else' can be for the good. It doesn't always mean that we are trying to act or talk like someone else, which what people often label as 'fake'. Sometimes 'trying to be someone else' can also mean by we are trying to be someone who we look up to and who often motivates us to be the best and look the best. It can Jillian Micheals or it can also be your favorite teacher. Anyone! 
What I'm trying to say is that the feeling of 'unsatisfactory' often happens to us. Even though we are unaware of it, but we all feel 'unsatisfactory' at some point of our lives. It's totally fine. But it's up to you whether to overcome this feeling or to completely ignore it. I chose to ignore it and here I am, feeling regretful and somehow ashamed. 
Stop whining and complaining about how fat you look or how your art works doesn't meet up to the public's standards. Your body or art work doesn't magically turns into your definition of 'perfection', life doesn't work that way. Guess it's about time to overcome this unhealthy feeling. 
I don't know if this makes sense at all hahah! But I hope I'm passing out the correct information. 

❃      ❃      ❃      ❃      ❃ 

 So I'm back. Finally! A new post after so so long! 
I come here so often that I can officially label this car park as 'Richeen's so called hang-out spot for ootds' haha! I took the MINDLESS.INC team to this exact car park about one month ago and we were told to leave as soon as possible. He claimed that we were 'in the mall' and therefore, no photography or videography was allowed. But my sister and I came to the exact car park just a few days ago but no one came and told us to leave. Alright too much information, back to the main subject of this post! 
As much as I try to avoid wearing full black, it's quite hard when 3/4 of my wardrobe is fill with clothes in black ☻ But, by pairing the essentials in your closet with a few statement pieces, you can create an ensemble that is both stylish and shows individuality. You can easily turn an ordinary-looking outfit into something 'wow' just by adding on a statement piece. It can be a statement necklace, a patterned bomber jacket, a neon coloured scarf... and the list goes on. 

Sometimes it's good to step out of your comfort zone. Knowing what to own and how to use them creatively is the key to changing your style from boring to bold ;) 

In this picture, I'm wearing a cut-out back top that I bought at H&M about a year ago (I think?) and a sheer midi skirt from FABSPY. Before I get into details, I must say that this skirt is definitely a YAY for all of you out there who loves midi skirts. The fabric is super comfortable and the length is just perfect! To me, this skirt goes well with anything!
The plaid outer that I'm wearing is actually a dress that I bought on the exact day of the shoot. I just thought, 'hmm my outfit looks boring today, why not put this on?' I've been eyeing on this dress for a really long time and I managed to score this for only 29MYR! Plus it was the last one, in my size too! Oh dang right it's fated! ;)  

❃      ❃      ❃      ❃      ❃ 

I'm very excited to share this with you guys because I've been working on this for so so long and I'm just happy that it's finally launched. Yes people, it's my very own online store! 
It was great fun working with Bob, Bing Hong, Jessy, Vere, Afiqah and Fett and I'm so happy with the outcome of this whole thing. I want to thank each and everyone of you guys who supported and helped out with the store, it really means a lot to me. Really ♡
If you're reading this, lucky you ;) You get to enjoy special discounts upon your next purchase. All you have to do is mention 'RICHEENXMINDLESS' in your next order and you're done! 
Go on, click on MINDLESS.INC and shop til you drop ;) Don't forget to check out our launch video as well!


It feels great to be back blogging again. 
Let me know what you think of this new post at the comment box below and I can't wait to share more with you guys!
Thank you so much for sticking by, talk to you soon! 

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